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FAQ Loan Online Philippines

What is an Online Loan?

An online loan is a non-traditional type of loan from a private lender that operates over the internet. Online lenders cannot operate without a physical office address, but they generally process applications through their app or website.
Almost 80% or 52 million of adult Filipinos are unable to apply for bank loans, according to a February 2021 report by Foundation for Media Alternatives. This can be a reason Southeast Asia is currently seeing a fast-paced growth in the financial technology industry, which includes online lending companies.
Banks and financial institutions conduct credit checks to evaluate a borrower’s capacity to pay. Online lenders, on the other hand, usually don’t and just require a valid ID or proof of income.
From filling out an online loan application form to getting approved, legit online loan apps in the Philippines are a more convenient form of borrowing. Loan proceeds are often released within 24 hours, and repayments can be made through the online lender’s partner banks and remittance centers.
The loan application procedure and requirements, however, may vary from one lender to another.

How to get a loan?

  1. Choose a lender and Fill out the form application online
  2. Choose a loan term and amount
  3. Submit application
  4. Choose a better offer

General conditions and requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers:

  • Nationality (citizen's passport required).
  • Borrower must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Permanent registration in the country.
  • Mobile phone number registered in the name of the Applicant/Borrower.
  • Credit history is not taken into consideration while granting the loan.

Loan conditions

    • First loan can be taken from 500 php to 25000 php.
    • Loan repayment period is from 92 to 365 days. Lenders offer different repayment periods with a discount of 35% on fees, more information on each lender's homepage.
    • In case of late repayment, the penalty is 0.10% of the amount overdue per day, but not more than 10% of the loan amount.
    • When applying for a loan online for the first time, you must register.
    • The lender, having received the loan application, examines it and, if positive, transfers the money to the bank card. The money can be disbursed within 15 to 30 minutes, on average, after the loan application has been submitted.
Extension of the loan is possible if you inform the lender in time (before the loan repayment date) and pay interest for the first loan period. There are no additional fees for loan extension
  • When borrowing repeatedly, you need to select the amount and repayment term.
The interest for the use of the loan (interest rate) is up to 35 percent per annum. If you exceed the repayment deadline, you will incur a penalty, which is about 0.1 per cent of the amount overdue per day.

The consequences of non-payment of the loan:

If the loan or interest amount is not repaid on the agreed due date, the lender will have to charge a late payment penalty.
Most lenders make concessions and give 3 extra working days for payment. This is in case, for example, a bank transfer takes longer than usual.
However, if you do not respond for a long time, a late payment fee of 0.10% on average of the original loan amount will be charged.
If you fail to comply with the repayment terms, your details may be transferred to a debtor's registry or the BCI, which could have a negative impact on your credit history and credit rating.
The debt may be turned over to a collection agency for recovery of the loan. If you become delinquent, you will not be able to extend the loan. The lender will inform you by text message or e-mail about any upcoming payments. You are advised to pay on the day when you receive these reminders. If you repay on time, you will get a good credit history and it will improve your credit rating and your chances of getting a better loan in the future.
This offer is not an offer. Check the final terms when communicating directly with the lenders.

Example of a loan calculation:

For example, you take a loan of PHP 1000, for 92 days,
the rate is 0,1% per day = 1 PHP per day.
the loan is charged at 1,092 PHP.

The maximum interest rate (PSL full cost of the loan) as a percentage is 35% per annum.

Minimum and maximum repayment period of the loan ranges from 92 days, to 365 days.
The maximum annual interest rate, which includes the loan interest plus all other fees and expenses for the year, or a similar rate calculated according to local legislation is 35% per annum.
Debt collection is done through phone calls, SMS notifications and emails to both the Borrower and the contact person.
The minimum and maximum repayment period is from 92 days to 365 days.
In case you fall into default, from the next day after the expiry date of the loan, a daily penalty of 0.05 - 1% per day of the loan amount will be charged to you. Daily interest will also continue to accrue on the loan under the agreement and a fixed fee may be charged.
You can find out about the due dates of payments when you sign a loan service agreement at each individual institution. If you repay the loan on time (or before the due date, if provided for in the contract), you form a positive credit history, which will help you in getting larger loans in the future. The site does not provide financial services and does not charge for the information provided.

Where can I get an online card loan?

Our website has been operating in the microcredit market for three years and is definitely one of the top five intermediaries.

Can I get a new loan if I have an open one?

You can. But with a caveat. Multiple loans can be opened either with different MFIs or with one if the total amount of multiple loans fits into the credit limit.

Can I get a loan if I have a bad credit history?

Of course you can. A good credit history is advisable, but not required.

Where can I get a loan?

MFIs are companies that provide urgent loans online based on your passport and personal identification number (PIN). The main feature of these services is speed and simplicity. There is no red tape, the application takes 10 minutes and the requested amount is credited in half an hour.
There are two ways to apply:
Online loan.
Cash loan.
To apply for a cash loan online, you need a minimum list of documents, an application form and a bank account. Unlike a pawnshop, you will not be asked to leave collateral. All cooperation is based on trust and your reputation, which is confirmed by your credit history. The better the terms, the more profitable, up to interest-free loan.
To get the money you need to visit the office. Conveniently, you can order the amount and do all the paperwork at home, without wasting time, and at the office just pick up the money. However, sometimes it is better to take an online loan on a card.
In some cases, it is better to take an online loan on a card.

Where is the best place to get a loan online?

Online loans are provided by microfinance institutions (MFI). It is best to use the most reputable companies in our directory. These MFIs have been vetted by our experts and are based on user experience.

How often are MFIs rejected?

The rejection rate in financial companies is in the range of 5%. This is virtually error-free.
Yet a negative decision is influenced by inaccurate information in the application form, multiple loans from other MFIs, and fraud.

Online loans - what are they?

Online loans are a modern and very convenient service that makes it possible to get money for debts without leaving home. There is no red tape - minimum paperwork is required, but internet access is a must.
To use the service, all the customer needs to do is go to the chosen company's website, register, complete the application form, and apply. Within a very short period of time (5 to 30 minutes) the money will be transferred to your account.
In addition, even online, you can use the loan comparison engine which will offer you a different option according to the customer's wishes.

Application for the fastest low-interest micro loan is made. How long does it take to get a deposit?

The time required to process the application and pay out the money ranges from 10-15 minutes.

How do I borrow online?

Select the company whose terms and conditions suit you best.
Register on the MFI website and submit your application. If your application is approved, you must link your credit card and confirm your approval of the offer.
After that the money will be in your account within minutes.

Some of the benefits include:

Money on the card.
Fast credit in 15 minutes.
No paperwork required.
24-hour application processing.
And so on and so forth.
Modern technology makes life easier and also works in finance.

How is the loan repaid?

You can repay on time or in advance (early repayment often reduces the cost).
Select a convenient way:
1. In the personal account on the lender's website.
2. By bank transfer to the lender's contact details.
3. At the payment terminal specified in the agreement.
4. Via easypay payment system or its equivalents.
5. In some cases, in cash at the MFI office.

Instant Loan Processing

The lending company has been selected, now you need to consider how to properly apply with approval for an express loan online. The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes.
Step 1. The first step is to go through the registration phase. This requires an email.
Step 2. The personal account is created. Move on to the online form. Specify the loan amount and term and fill out the form very honestly.
Step 3. The form is sent for verification. A worker will review it in a few minutes and if everything is correct, approves it.
Step 4. If the loan is approved, you will need to confirm the application. Enter the code from the SMS message you receive on your mobile phone.
Step 5. Funds will be deposited on the card indicated.
This is how all MFIs get online card loans instantly, and without rejection.

What happens if I don't pay back my loan on time?

The processing of overdue loans consists of three steps:
1. A manager will call you within the first three days after the due date and remind you to pay. There are currently no penalties or fines and information about your debt is not transferred to the credit bureau.
2. During the first month after the due date the manager will call you once a day to remind you about the amount owed, interest, penalties and interest rates. These will be collected daily.
3. After a month or two the data on the expired loan is sold to a collection company or taken to court.

What is the best online loan?

For new borrowers, most MFIs offer interest-free loans. If you're borrowing for the first time, choose a lender based on the amount of your credit limit.
If you've already taken out a 0% loan and need money again, pay attention to the MFI's interest rate and especially its loyalty program. You will receive emails with promo codes that will allow you to get discounts of up to 90%.
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